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From Investment to Residency: Understanding the Timeline in Spain 


Are you planning to move to Spain and build a whole new life across the border? It is time for you to get your Golden Visa now. This program allows you to live, work and set up a business in Spain without any restrictions. Spain Golden Visa is a pathway that offers foreign investors the chance to obtain a residency visa by investing a minimum amount of € 500.000 in real estate. For someone who wants to make Spain a second home the strategic location and cultural haven makes it a desirable option for the investors. To boost economic growth and draw in foreign investment, the Spanish government launched the Golden Visa program in 2013. For non-EU nationals who invest a substantial sum of money in Spanish government bonds, real estate, or commercial ventures, it grants residency. Investors can live, work, and travel anywhere in the 26 European nations that make up the Schengen Area by obtaining residency through this scheme. 


Types of Investment  

To qualify for Spain Golden Visa, there is a flexibility which follows based on the needs and requirements of the investors.  

  1. Real Estate investments is one of the most popular pathways to residency by Investment in Spain. Depending on the region, the minimum amount of investment requirement is € 500.000 in real estate.  
  2. Foreign investors are also eligible to make investments in a Spanish business or a startup which is also considered a route to Spain Golden Visa. However, the amount of investment depends on the business or the project.  
  3. Another significant route of investment is government treasury bills or bonds. Typically, the minimum amount of investment for this is €2 million. 

Requirements for Spain Golden Visa 

For Spain Golden Visa Program, the certification of domains and charges of the Land Registry, as well as the sale document of the acquired assets, must be shown as evidence of the purchase of the property if we wish to apply for the Golden Visa through real estate investment. If investing in Spanish shares or participations, the following documentation is required: a certificate of purchase for shares from the financial intermediary registered with the National Securities Market Commission, a declaration of investment from the Ministry of Economy’s Investment Registry in the case of participations. 

Timeframe for Residency by Investment  

Fortunately, this is a good news for foreign investors that the timeline for Spain Golden Visa is much easier and quicker as compared to other residency programs. If you meet all the conditions and your application is approved by immigration, the embassy can provide a residence visa in ten working days. After that, you can go ahead and apply right away for a two-year resident permit. If not, you can also choose to renew your permit when it expires after using it for a year. The application process for a two-year resident permit takes twenty days.  

Benefits of Golden Visa in Spain  

Advantageous treatment is among the principal advantages of Spain Golden Visa. With these visas, you can obtain a residence permit quickly and easily. The Golden Visa-derived residence permit, which is good for a year, also permits free travel throughout the remaining 26 Schengen area European nations. One of the primary justifications for processing the visa for real estate investment is this freedom of mobility. The Golden Visa increases the flexibility of awarding visas for the investor as well as for his spouse, children under 18, and access to public schools. At the end of the year, newborns in Spain will receive Spanish passports without fulfilling any other requirements. 


Obtaining a residency in Spain offers several benefits including a visa free access to more than 26 countries in Europe. A vibrant lifestyle, top notch healthcare and education along with numerous business opportunities makes Spain an attractive location. As you set yourself to pave your way to make Spain your forever home with Spain Golden Visa Program, it is important to remember that patience and determination is the key to success.To attain Spain Visa from UAE, it is important to let an expert guideline to direct you to a pathway that allows a hassle-free experience for you and your family.  By understanding the requirement, process and the time frame you can make an informed decision as you embark towards the journey of Golden Visa in Spain.  


  1. What is the investment required for Spain Golden Visa? 

Spain Golden Visa Program has the following investment options, 

  • Land assets (€500,000)  
  • Shares or bank deposits (EUR 1 million) 
  • State debt (EUR 2 million)  
  1. How long does Spain Golden Visa last? 

Spain Golden Visa allows you to visit Spain for a year with different entry and exit points. You are required to travel to Spain and submit an in-person application for your residency permit during this year. 

  1. What is the cost associated with the Golden Visa? 

You would need to buy real estate with a minimum valuation of EUR 500,000 for the option of a Spanish real estate visa.  Another route that can facilitate Golden Visa Spain is to make a bank deposit of at least EUR 1,000,000 or to buy, instead, EUR 1,000,000 in Spanish company stock.


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