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Unravel your entrepreneurial potential with the UK Innovator Founder Visa, your gateway
to establishing and nurturing groundbreaking businesses in the
dynamic landscape of the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom RBI offers visa-free access to 114 countries, with no any minimum residency requirement.

Dive into an environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and growth, while creating a lasting impact on the business world.

The UK Innovator Founder Visa offers a pathway for innovative entrepreneurs to establish their business in the United Kingdom. This visa route is designed to attract individuals with unique and scalable business ideas, providing them with the opportunity to launch and develop their ventures within the vibrant business ecosystem of the UK. It's an avenue to not only grow successful businesses but also contribute to the UK's economic growth and innovation landscape.


This visa was introduced


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Benefits of United Kingdom

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The UK Innovator Founder Visa offers a unique opportunity to turn your innovative business ideas into reality within one of the world's leading economies.

Who Can Get United Kingdom Residency

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  • The primary applicant seeking UK residency through the Innovator Founder Visa.
  • Must have a viable business idea and secure an endorsement from an approved endorsing body.
  • Should meet the English language requirement.
  • Demonstrate access to at least £50,000 in investment funds to support the business.

Program Requirements

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  • Your business plan must demonstrate genuine innovation, addressing market needs or creating a competitive advantage.
  • It should be realistic, achievable, and based on your skills, experience, and resources.
  • Scalability requirements include structured growth planning, skilled job creation, national/international market expansion, and projections based on research.

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