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A Comprehensive guide to obtaining Australia Citizenship by Investment 


With a stable economy and high quality of life, Australia is a desirable country for all those who are seeking to build a home away from home. But have you ever thought about obtaining Australian citizenship through investment? It is a unique opportunity that not only provides visa free travel but also a robust economy and a high standard of living for the investors. Real estate investment in Australia can be lucrative and gives the opportunity to foreign investors to buy property in Australia. The immigration laws in Australia are complex and based on merits. But for that purpose, the investors should have a backup and the required entrepreneurial skills that can open doors of citizenship for the investors. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive guide to obtaining Australia residency by investment & explore the benefits of living in Australia.  

Australia Citizenship & Pathway to Residency  

A citizenship by investment program is an opportunity for foreign investors to gain citizenship in an exchange of an investment. However, for Australia the available pathways to citizenship and residency are Business innovation stream, Investors stream, Significant Investors stream, Premium Investors Stream & Entrepreneurs Streams. Each of these routes has criteria of their own which provides investors with several opportunities to make investment decisions. Among these, the Investor Stream Visa Program and the Business Innovation and Investment Program lead to residency and investment. 

Investor Stream Visa 

This is a 3-year program that requires a minimum investment of $2.5million which represents a commitment to maintain the investment over a course of 3-year time. Investment choices offered by this program include real estate, money, securities, private firms, and charitable foundations. The ability to live in Australia for up to five years, more investment options, and the chance to obtain citizenship and permanent residency are all benefits of the Investor Stream Visa Program.  

Business Innovation & Investment Program  

In order to be eligible for this program, candidates must meet certain requirements, including having a successful business career, ownership interest, proof of business success, a minimum annual turnover of AUD 750,000 for two of the four financial years, at least three years of experience in business or as an investor, the desire to live in the nominating State or Territory, a funding agreement with a third party for entrepreneurial activities, etc. To be eligible for permanent residence under the Business Innovation and Investment Program, one must meet certain requirements related to residence, investment, or business turnover.  

Applying for Investment Visa  

Through an appropriate visa pathway, it is important to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). Once it has been approved after review, the government issues a nomination for the application through which they can apply for the investment visa. For that the supporting documents must be provided including evidence of investment, as a requirement for obtaining a visa. To prevent delays or the chance that the visa application will be denied, it is imperative to make sure that all required evidence is included with the application. After the investment visa is granted, the applicant and their relatives can start the process of becoming citizens of Australia. 

Requirements for citizenship in Australia  

As for the residency requirements, the applicant must have lived in Australia for a period of four years including one year (12 months) as a permanent resident. These requirements are necessary to prove a genuine commitment towards contributing to Australia. Therefore, if you are willing to invest in property from overseas, that is highly possible but only if you have lived in the country as a resident. In addition to that, the applicant must be aware of the age limit, criminal records and relevant requirements that are necessary to ensure they are eligible for citizenship. Through this procedure, the applicants are guaranteed to be genuinely committed to joining the Australian community and advancing the growth and development of the nation. 

Opportunities & Rights of Australia PR & Investors 

With investor visa Australia, residents can travel anytime they want and have the right to study anywhere in Australia. They are eligible for Australian national health insurance & Medicare. They are not only eligible for bank loans but also eligible to receive government benefits. Thanks to the migration programs after World War II, Australia is a land for immigrants and provides a multicultural society that grants freedom and civil rights to the residents. The Australian passport holds a high credibility and allows visa free travel for more than 185+ countries. One of the key aspects in Australia is its diverse culture and climate.  


The Australia Golden Visa Program is complex and more expensive than any other golden visa programs. The minimum investment for the investor visa is five times higher than the amount required for any other investment opportunities in Europe. A well-informed decision regarding the best course of action to reach their financial and lifestyle objectives may be made by investors by carefully weighing these factors and contrasting Australia’s Citizenship by Investment program with those of other nations.  


  1. Is dual citizenship allowed in Australia? 

Yes, Australia allows dual citizenship. However, one of the restrictions with dual citizenship is that residents are allowed to leave and enter the country with their Australian passport. 

  1. Does Australia have an investors Visa? 

Yes, Australia has an investor’s visa which is like a temporary residency program in other countries. There are various categories which are related to investment streams depending upon the investment options. 

  1. Can I get citizenship if I buy a property in Australia? 

No, citizenship by real estate investment is not an option in Australia. However, residents can invest up to AUD 1.25 million which can grant up to a five-year residency. For the investors that can maintain their have a chance to obtain permanent residency in Australia.  


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